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I shall return, shall I not?

     Couples have so many ways of expressing their love. They go out on dates, write each other, call each other and attend significant events in each other’s lives. It is just so beautiful to witness how two people can come together to appreciate each other’s special individuality. They inspire other people to find their special someone as well. There are those times however, that couples must separate for some reason or another.

This form of separation is not the kind that will end their relationship. No. This kind is the kind that separates these couples physically. They are more demanding because a certain longing for that special someone. There then needs to be a way to show how they care that would span such distance. This is what we always talk about here at loavesoflove.co.uk, on how to lead the life you always wanted.

Not now but soon.

There are also those occasions where couples though may be together cannot do certain things right away. They may be for a multitude of different reasons. It can range from the financial to the emotional. It could be a huge spectrum of different things. While they may want to do some things immediately, they might need to put it off for a certain amount of time. When this happens, couples promise each other of their accomplishment. They will give certain times or manner of performance. It is of course, highly irregular if the contain such promise in a contract. That would look most unusual for couples that love each other. They can do so however through the following means:

  • vocal promise: this is the most common method of doing this however, it may be forgotten easily
  • letter of commitment: this is not like a contract, it is more like terms of endearment in written form telling the other that they will do what has been promised
  • giving of an item: this is a special form of promise where a certain thing is imbued with a certain meaning to represent such promise

Give the promise a certain significance

The thing that could hold a special meaning when giving a promise is when an item is given. There are again, a different range of items that one can give to another. Some would give the other half of a pendant or the other half of a pair of shoes.

Others would give a certain token or a memento of a memory that is most significant to them. There are also promise rings for couples. These rings may contain special meaning for them as well. It is always brought around with them. They are constantly reminded of the promise they have given their special someone. Here is a video that is bound to bring tears to your eyes. It certainly made a lot of us cry in happiness here at Loaves Of Love, so we bet it will make many of you really happy, too.

They see it and it inspires them to move closer toward their goal. It makes them feel that their loved one is with them as well. It creates a solid, tangible representation of their presence in their lives that makes them strive to fulfill the promise. Promise rings for couples is definitely a useful form of representation because of this.

How it looks like is up to the couples themselves. It would not weigh as much though, as the promise itself.



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The time of the wig

The wig first became a word at around 1675. It was called the periwig back then. The wig as it is called now first adorned the heads of nobility. These were usually people of power and wealth. It was even worn in battle to probably demonstrate a kind of symbolism of the strength of one’s army.

They also date back even to the time of the Egyptians, who clearly had no idea about women lifestyle design back in the day. :)

However, these were more in the form of headdresses. Today, it has a more practical application. People wear them to hide hair loss than to show that they are of noble blood or of high position. This trend is sure to continue to evolve in relation to how a time period’s people perceive their looks.

Purchasing your headdress at cheap prices

     These wigs used to be quite expensive when it first came out. It must have reached the height of its opulence during the 1700 and 1800s when royalty would spend absurd amounts of cash in order to get the newest style. They would come in different styles:

  • curly,
  • long,
  • short,
  • knotted
  • and so on.

They would also come in different color: red, black, brown, yellow, gray and white. There must have surely been one colored blue back in those days but I doubt if it came in neon green or pink.  Such is not the case these days. One can buy a cheap wig depending on the price of their budget. A half-wig would probably cost around ten dollars at the cheapest to around thirty dollars.

There are full wigs which would definitely cost higher but that would again depend on the style, length, color and kind of hair used.

Wigs that use real hair can cost up to hundred to even thousands of dollars. The price is really determined by so many factors. There are lace fronts, couture wigs, full-wigs, half wigs and so on and so forth. The combinations are endless!

Where to find one if you want to look younger while being a sexy mom

The best way to find a cheap wig is always online. One just has to type the key words in order to view a list that would cater to any receding hairline or thinning crown. There would of course be the question of availability and shipping to consider but it would not matter to one who is in dire need to cover a sensitive spot or two.

The best sites to visit will always be Amazon.com or Ebay.com. There are other less popular sites that can be found through Google, however. Here are a few examples:

It just takes a little effort and you never know what one can come up with. There is also the question of used wigs. These would definitely fall under the classification of cheap wigs. There is of course, the question of cleanliness and hygiene to consider. This goes for synthetic wigs.

There are of course those wigs made out of real hair which in reality, is already used hair if one would like to view it that way. In any case, one’s next hairstyle is really just a click of a mouse away.

So that’s our current advice of the day: wear wigs to look years younger and to be able to cook much more and many more delicious meals and ‘breads’ of happiness into your life. ;)



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Hey fellow women traveler on the path of life! We’re glad you decided to stop by.

This blog called Loaves Of Love is here to help and motivate every women to make their dreams come true and live their life to their full potential.

We are a team of crazy but very motivated and eager to help chicks who want to let you know all the wonderful things women can do in the world:

  • cooking delicious stuff (not only bread, mind you ;) )
  • traveling a lot to interesting places
  • watching interesting and meaningful movies in cinema and at theaters
  • doing a lot of sports and working out
  • buying the best and highest quality clothes and accessories for yourself
  • making your friends green with envy with all the hip and cool expensive jewelry you have
  • and so on.

These are all fun parts of a woman’s life, but of course there’s more to it. One of the most important reasons women are so unhappy nowadays is that they have bad relationships and unfulfilled family life.

This can easily be helped with the right guidance, so that’s why we’ll also publish posts and topics about topics like

  1. relationships
  2. how to get a boyfriends
  3. how to find the right spouse
  4. how to raise your children
  5. how to be a good parent
  6. and so on.

All in all, Loaves Of Love is here to help you fill in that hole in your life that you’ve longed to fill ever since you turned 16.

All you have to do to take advantage of all we have to offer is relax, come back to loavesoflove.co.uk often and read our meaningful, motivation and inspirational posts for women to improve their lifestyle and lead happy and fulfilled lives.

Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to shoot us your questions about traveling, cooking, finding a boyfriend or getting married or buying the right accessories, furs and leather for your new dresses. We’ll also help you select the most fitting jewelry and diamond stuff for your needs! ;)